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  I've been a working visual artist, graphic designer and photographer since 1975 and a hobby songwriter and guitar player since high school. In 2007 we all experienced the big economic upheaval. By the middle of 2008 I was a truck driver. Though I tried to maintain the feeling of being an artist by carrying a limited array of art supplies on my travels, sadly there  just wasn't enough time. However a guitar is much easier to haul around and there's lots of time to think up original song lyrics. In fact lets face it, there's nothing better than a little depression to help fill the pages of a songwriters notebook and phone voice recorder! So the art and music dynamic shifted and I started focusing on songwriting.

  I believe my songs would fall into the Ammericana genre with a little blues tossed in around the edges. Quite often they are about moments in time and every once and a while accidently metaphorical. Mostly upbeat, rhythm based. There's also a handful of ballads and a few humorous songs as well.

  I don't think I'm influenced by any particular musicians but some of my favorites are Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jim Croce, Marty Robbins, Glen Campbell, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton. In my youth I enjoyed Perry Como, Andy Williams, Barbra Streisand, Buffalo Springfield and of course the Beatles just to name a few. I guess back then I was mostly influenced by great voices and harmonies.

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